Post 16: Buying a Viking Ship

Ship 1As a follow up to my post on the Viking exhibition at the British Museum – I just saw an article pointing out the Viking Ship Museum in Roskilde. There, for the measly price of £14,650, you can buy the Trýbekkur – a semi-authentically made ship of your own. Semi-authentic because it uses some genuine Viking tools and techniques, but also some mass production to keep costs affordable for the common Norse raider.

The museum has previously been part of recreations and re-enactments of Viking age, with its largest ship, the Sea Stallion, going on a number of voyages between Denmark and Dublin. At thirty metres in length and a crew of over sixty sailors, that’s no mean feat. They also have a number of smaller ships including ‘Helge Ask’ and ‘Kraka Fyr’ which actually offer lessons on sailing in such a square sailed Viking ship (it might be best to sign up to these before buying your own boat).

Alternatively if you have a bit more money lying around – there is the entirely authentic Skuldelev on sale for £345,000. It’s forty feet long, so why not band together with some friends and split the cost. It may seem expensive but you’ll soon make it up once you’ve plundered a few churches – Lindisfarne won’t know what’s hit it!

On sale now at the museum shop …

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