Post 33: The start of the History of Germany Podcast


Just a quick note here. I had previous written a post on the History of Alchemy podcast by Travis Dow and Pete Collman, two americans based in the Czech Republic who had also worked on a show on Bohemian life. I loved aspects of the show – it was relaxed, informal, and threw up great anecdotes – but at times it could be a bit piecemeal with lots of one off biographical episodes on esoteric characters. I’m therefore pleased to find out that Travis Dow is looking to start a series on the history of Germany!

There’s just a brief introduction at the minute (in English and German) and the real layout of the show is yet to really be pinned down (now would therefore be the perfect time to let Travis know any ideas you may have), but it’s potentially a very interesting and ambitious topic. It promises to be a bit tighter than the History of Alchemy, but still with a wide ranging scope covering regional and general history, culture, personalities, myths and pretty much anything you could think to stick in there. There’s clearly great stuff there – from Arminius and Teutoberg forest way back in the 1st century to Charlemagne, then to Barbarossa, the reformation and the Thirty Years War, major cultural and scientific figures of the early modern period, Bismarck … not to mention the countless regional tales or lesser known stories (that I don’t even know exist). There’s so much to cover!

Personally, my knowledge of Germany is pretty poor but I’ve been learning more recently thanks to Duolingo and my girlfriend. Trying to find a good general book on the topic at an easy level has been pretty difficult (though Simon Winder’s Germania is on my shopping list), so this podcast has come along with a great idea at a perfect time for me. I very much look forward to seeing how it turns out.

Why not check it out, or get in touch with Travis at his website or facebook page.

2 thoughts on “Post 33: The start of the History of Germany Podcast

  1. Reblogged this on and commented:
    What do you know about Germany? I admit, as well versed as I am on other kinds of history (American, environmental, Byzantine, etc.) I don’t know nearly as much about German history as I should. This great podcast aims to change that. Podcasts have become a very powerful history-teaching tool, and they’re especially well suited for this sort of thing, so I highly recommend this one! Interesting stuff done in a very entertaining manner.

  2. Hey! This is high praise indeed, both this post and the Hist of Alchemy one! Thank you very, very, very much for giving an overview of those shows; especially such a positive one (messy website aside 🙂

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