Post 50: Web comics, podcast news and other things.

This is my fiftieth post on this blog. I’d wondered if I should do anything special here, but in the end have decided to just note a couple of small things. Firstly, the History of England podcast is going on to a (hopefully brief) hiatus. It has been one of my favourite podcasts for a few years now with its mix of amateur dramatic, sheds and the ladybird book of Kings and Queens. However, David Crowther has been doing it more or less non-stop for four years and has decided to break until early next year to help keep things fresh. Here is the relevant post from his facebook group.

Hello everyone
Now you have to promise not to be cross with me, but I have decided to take a break for a few months. I know this is irritating – especially since we’ve just got to Henry Vth and Agincourt is literally spitting distance. But I never want to feel doing THOE is a chore, and I’m struggling a bit timewise.

So I will do 2 more episodes – one to get us to croaking stage with HIV, and I thought I’d do one on heresy and getting cooked in a barrel – and then I’ll stop for a while.

Best case I’ll have couple of months off, and start in January after Christmas; worst case maybe take 6 months and start again in the Spring.

Meanwhile I’ve a few guest episodes coming up; and I do hope everyone doesn’t leave and forget the ‘cast, but it’s close to 4 years now, and I could do with a bit of time to re-charge the batteries of enthusiasm.

Sorry! I thought you lot should be the first to know…

(I did misread the HIV bit on first read – it gave the whole post a different spin). Hopefully he enjoys the down time, and can return to things again when it suits. Before then there will be a few more episodes and some guest shows, so listeners won’t have to go cold turkey just yet.



I also recently saw World History: The Comic on the History of Byzantium podcast facebook group. It’s an interesting and fast paced trip through Byzantine history as part of a larger book on world history. It’s a bit classier and more serious than Horrible Histories, but equally aimed at getting kids into history. Though, it’s well worth a skim for adults as well.

World History The Comic

There is plenty more on the website, so check it out.



Other than that, fifty posts seems like a bit of a landmark and I’m well pleased (and surprised) to have a posts to followers ratio comfortably over one at this point. So thanks to everyone for reading, and I’ll be back with some regular posts soon.

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