Post 63: History of Rome/Revolutions Fundraiser

With the ease that the internet allows, many people who run blogs or podcasts (even very good ones) will be amateurs making the most of their spare time. However, time can be limited and running things can cost money – so podcasts will sometimes consider ways to raise funds. Some of these methods work better than others, but there’s plenty of room for inventiveness.

Some like the History of Byzantium podcast may sell occasional special episodes. Others like Hardcore History may sell large parts of their back catalogue (at a fairly decent price too, given the length – they’re worth checking out). Many like David Crowther’s History of England podcast, may just have an option for donations. Peter Adamson at the History of Philosophy gets a grant. And some like The History of Iran podcast are even funded via Kickstarter.

Until now Mike Duncan, creator of the hugely popular History of Rome podcast and the more recent series Revolutions, has done little to generate funding, other than a few adverts – but with a plan to devote all of his time to the podcast and related projects, he needs to change that. Therefore he is running a fundraising sale until the middle of January. It features an audiobook, The Five Sided Cross, an old hardboiled detective story that he wrote a number of years ago; several t-shirts based on recurring jokes from the podcast; and the chance to pick up some of the books he used while researching Rome.

These books are a pretty pricy – their price inflated by his reluctance to lose some of them. Certainly far too expensive for me. But I thought I’d link it and copy out the list in full. From the few I’ve read, there seem to be very good recommendations in there whether you buy from this fundraiser or track down your own copy.

MD’s Favourites
The Early History of Rome – Livy
The War With Hannibal – Livy
The Twelve Caesars – Suetonius

Modern Sources
The Civilisation of Rome – Donald Dudley
The Romans – RH Barrow
Sallust – Ronald Syme
The Roman Republic – Michael Crawford
Rome and Her Enemies – Jane Penrose
Caesar – Adrian Goldsworthy
Julius Caesar – Philip Freeman
Rubicon – Tom Holland
Caesar’s Legions – Stephen Dando Collins
Cicero – Anthony Everitt
Anthony’s Heroes – Stephen Dando Collins
Aurelian – Alaric Waton
The Roman Revolution – Ronald Symes
Cambridge Guide to the Age of Augustus
Augustus – Anthony Everitt
Claudius – Barbara Levick
Nero’s Killing Machine – Stephen Dando Collins
69 AD – Gwyn Morgan
Vespasian – Barbara Levick
The Fires of Vesuvius – Mary Beard
The Colosseum – Mary Beard and Keith Hopkins
The Roman Forum – David Watkins
Domition – Brian Jones
Trajan – Julian Bennett
Daily Life in Ancient Rome – Jerome Caracopino
Life in Ancient Rome – F.R. Cowell
Hadrian – Anthony Birley
Emperor Hadrian – British Museum Companion
Memoirs of Hadrian – Marguerite Yourcenar
The Roman Empire from Severus to Constantine – Pat Southern
Diocletion – Stephen Williams
Cambridge Guide to the Age of Constantine
Constantine the Great – Michael Grant
Constantine and the Bishops – H.A. Drake
Constantine and Eusebius – T.D. Barnes
Athanasius and Constantius – T.D. Barnes
The Last Pagan: Julian the Apostate – Adrian Murdoch
The Closing of the Western Mind – Charles Freeman
AD 381 – Charles Freeman
The Later Roman Empire – Averil Cameron
Roman Imperial Policy from Julian to Theodosius – Malcom Errington
Theodosius – Stephen Williams and Gerard Friell
Stilicho – Ian Hughes
Power and Persuasion in Late Antiquity – Peter Brown
World of Late Antiquity – Peter Brown
The Fall of the Roman Empire – Michael Grant
The Fall of the Roman Empire – Peter Heather
Readings in Late Antiquity – A Sourcebook
Rome Alive – Archeology Source Guide
Rome – Oxford Archeology Guide

Ancient Sources
Livy – Rome and Italy
Livy – Rome and the Mediterranean
Polybius – Rise of the Roman Empire
Sallust – Jugurthine War and Conspiracy of Catiline
Plutarch – Makers of Rome
Plutarch – Fall of the Roman Republic
Tacitus – The Annals of Imperial Rome
Tacitus – The Histories
Tacitus – Agricola and Germania
Caesar – The Conquest of Gaul
Caesar – The Civil War
Cassius Dio – The Reign of Augustus
Petronius – The Satyricon
Seneca – Letters from a Stoic
Pliny The Young – Letters
Unknown Hoaxster – Lives of the Later Caesars
Eusebius – The Church History
Ammianus Marcellinus – The Later Roman Empire

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